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The Lights of Paris

Wall Sconces: Very decorative element that has been used since the 17th century in churches, castles and the town houses of Paris.

Gilt Bronze Wall Sconce : A great complement for a chandelier. They are attached to the wall to provide a divided room lighting.

Gilt Wood Wall Sconce: These beautiful elements are wall mounted. Giving the lighting in a room extra luster.


Antique Candlestick: A candlestick with many branches arranged in a pyramid shape. This very popular decorative element is ideal for use on a table or above a fireplace.


Antique Chandelier: They have existed since man added lights to his house (Just think of the oil lamp used in ancient times). Found in castles and churches throughout France..

Baccarat Crystal Chandelier: During 1764 in Meurthe and Moselle, under the direction of Louis XV a factory dedicated to the art of blowing glass was built. The nearby forest provided wood for the ovens.

Bagues Chandelier: World famous, this glass factory has existed since the nineteenth century and still continues to produce beautiful examples of fine glass work.

Basket Chandelier: The shape and design of this chandelier, leads to a style that involves certain candle holders brought to the top.

Brass Chandelier: The famous Dutch models are made with this material. The single-tier and multi-tier’s are still found to this day in our castles and churches.

Cast Iron Chandelier: From the ancient castles and decorations in churches of another time. Examples can be found throughout Europe.

Ceiling Chandelier: Ideal lighting for your lobby, bathroom or where head height is a problem.

Crystal Chandelier: Beautiful balance, a work of art admired by the generations over the centauries.

Directoire Chandelier: Inspired by antiquity, the style is transitional between Louis XVI and the French Empire (1795 to 1799), a short period of time leading to a very distinct style.

Dutch Chandelier: Very fashionable in Europe and the new world from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century, found in many stately country homes and castles. This model has been success throughout the generations.

Empire Chandelier: At the beginning of the XIX century, the style of ancient antiques inspired the designers of furniture and lighting of the time. The are often finished in gilt gold.

French Chandelier: The cut-glass and crystal are supported by either bronze, iron, copper or wood. These candle sticks from the countryside and the town houses of Paris are world famous.

Gilt Bronze Chandelier: A beautiful piece for decorating any room in your apartment, house or castle. The luster of the metal reflects the light, producing stunning lighting effects.

Gilt Wooden Chandelier: Originally, all chandeliers were made using this technique. Later, forged iron, brass and bronze were the leading materials used in the construction. The fine gilt gold leaf was added for decorative reasons.

Gilt Cast Iron Chandelier: The use of using materials such as bronze, brass and copper is relatively expensive. That's why cast iron was preferred for more economical builds.

Louis XVI Chandelier: Every part of history has its style of chandelier and furniture.

Marie Antoinette Chandelier: At the moment this stunning style with a touch of Louis XVI is the must have. A time when art and furniture touched.

Nickel-plated Chandelier: Uniting old and new produces a colourful lighting for the interior designer. The mix of the materials produces a unique style.

Rocaille Chandelier: An ornamental style very much "en vogue" in France throughout the XVIII century and the sovereignty of Louis XV.

Silver Chandelier: Giving a more masculine and sober style ideal for people who do not like gold leaf. They fit well with modern interiors.