XVIII - XX Century. Wall sconces, lamps & chandeliers

Antiquités: Du XVIII au XX Siècle

Philippe de Beauvais,
43/45 avenue Bosquet,
75007, PARIS,
mobile:(+33) 06 87 96 88 83

"Philippe de Beauvais has had over 40 years experience as a leading antique lighting dealer in France for the domestic and commercial markets".

The showroom, open since 1973 now found at 43/45 Avenue Bosquet, Paris, offers a collection of 18th to early 20th-century chandeliers, electroliers, wall lights, ceiling lights, wall sconces, candle sticks and lanterns.

These works of "Light" are all classical antiques and have been sourced from the Haussmanniens of Paris, chateaux, castles, manors, abbeys, fortresses and luxury private homes scattered through the towns, villages and hamlets of the French countryside.

All these antique lights are in perfect working order having been professionally lacquered, cleaned, restored, polished and rewired to 2008 security standards.

Whether you are interested in a Baguès chandelier for your sitting room, a classic crystal chandelier from Baccarat for your study or a restored dutch electrolier from the early 1900's for your dining room, the Philippe de Beauvais ShowRoom is open to help you source your antique lighting and have it delivered to your front door.

Yours faithfully,

Philippe de Beauvais